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What to expect on on the day
of your Epic Destination Shoot

You’ll arrive at our location with clean, dry hair and a fresh clean face with no makeup on. Our hair and makeup artist will make sure you are glammed to perfection for your shoot! During this time, you’ll be talking with Monica and Sarah about your shoot, your outfits, and where we will be photographing you throughout the day. It’s a great time to settle in and get focused on what is about to happen!

If there is a videographer on-site, they will be there to capture footage of the shoots, and will also be there to assist Sarah. The videographers we work with offer separate video packages just for you and your marketing needs, so if you’re interested in having a professional video done of your shoot, just let us know and we will send you the info.

Once your shoot is complete, you are free to go, or you may hang out with us a bit longer. We want to make sure we get PLENTY of social media footage and photos of anyone who is attending! Please make certain you capture photos with your own phones as well. We will be creating a What’s App group with our amazing social media manager Claudia, so everyone can just add images taken to that group.

How to best prepare for shoot day |

Get excited! There. You’re done. HAHA just joking! But in all seriousness, this is going to be a fun, relaxing, and amazing time and your shoot is all about you! So come in relaxed, and ready to be boosted with love and confidence throughout your time with us. As far as diet and nutrition go, make sure that you bring food and water with you.

skin prep

Is crucial and as a photographer, I will give you my bird’s eye view on how I believe your skin will look best prior to shoot time.


If you are a gal that gets botox and fillers, please get all of that done 4-6 weeks
prior to your shoot. This gives time for the fillers to settle in to your face before your shoot, giving a more relaxed look in the face.


is one of my favorite things to have clients do before their shoots, as it removes the top dead layer of your skin, and peach fuzz, which is nearly impossible to edit out. It also allows makeup to go on flawlessly, and stay set for the day. Please do this 1-2 weeks out of your shoot if you’re thinking of doing it. (Note- fair skinned gals need a bit more time, and may be a bit more.


Please do this 4-6 days before your shoot. Shaving- If you have hairy arms, please shave your arms 2-3 days before your shoot, and be careful! Please use a new razor too- even the bikini area needs a new razor as well, as to try to avoid razor bumps in that sensitive area.


Exfoliate the entire body- begin doing that 6-8 weeks out, and I would suggest twice a week leading up to the shoot. Don’t over do it to irritate your skin. Consistency is key.


We always encourage a professional spray tan the day before the shoot. If you’re doing ANY tanning before your shoot, make sure you do NOT tan with tan lines, and please make sure you do NOT burn yourself, and have uneven skin tones. There’s nothing worse than Photographing skin that is sunburned. If you are fair- skinned, just wait until you get a professional spray tan instead of tanning beforehand. It will be best to arrive with NO previous spray tan on at all.

Drink water

You’ll hear me say it over and over. Drink a gallon of water a day from now until your shoot. This will keep your skin looking youthful, and help keep your face looking fresh too while flushing out toxins, and it will help keep your tummy flat!


With times as odd as they are, and upcoming travel, it is my request that you
pump your body full of Zinc, Vitamin C, and D3 if you’re not already. I take all three things twice a day, and I have been for MONTHS! We want you all to feel your best and during this time, I suggest keeping that immune system sky high!


We all know how important rest is, so please make certain that you’re getting as much amazing SLEEP as you can prior to your shoot day.

Monica wanted me to touch on a specific shoe that she LOVES to have on hand for her shoots, and now mine too. This is a simple nude pump with a small platform, originally made by Jessica Simpson. Here is a link to that shoe in a patent nude, but any version of this kind of shoe always works well on shoots. It extends the legs, and enhances the muscle tone. So, grab a pair and bring them with you if you can! Also consider a black pair too. Make sure it has a mini platform in the front of the shoe; it makes the shoe more comfortable! []

Warm regards,

Photographer and publisher of BodyScape Magazine Founder of

Feet and toes should be freshly manicured with neutral nail polish- clean cuticles and callous-free feet!